Tour of the Riverwalk

Discover the famous Riverwalk and enjoy the best views of the city with this entertaining 2-hour walk along the Chicago River’s pedestrian promenade. The tour includes a ticket to the Chicago Water Taxi.

Tour of the Riverwalk

Discover the famous Riverwalk and enjoy the best views of the city with this entertaining 2-hour walk along the Chicago river’s pedestrian promenade. The tour includes tickets to the Chicago Water Taxi.

Save on boat tours! We tell you in depth about the history of the river and its emblematic architecture. Then take the water taxi that does the same route as the architectural boat tours.

There may be many boat tours available in Chicago, but only on our walking tour you will be able to enjoy a local, authentic and fun experience and, best of all, narrated in Spanish. Join us to learn about local customs and how Chicagoans have fun at the riverbank while learning about history, architecture and anecdotes on this 2 km walk along the famous Riverwalk.

The tour of the Riverwalk starts at 225 West Wacker Drive, and ends on the shores of Lake Michigan, on the pedestrian and bicycle path.

Chicago and its relationship with the river

There is much to see along the Chicago River, walking along its shore will give you a unique perspective of the city that you cannot miss.

It is possible that the city of Chicago would not have existed if it were not for the river. The Chicago River attracted explorers, immigrants and industry. It was an opportunity but also a problem to solve. Discover how the river turned from a winding stream to one of the nation’s main trade and transportation routes, and learn how this navigable channel was transformed from a residual drain to a place of leisure, recreation and entertainment that it is today. Prepare the camera to walk through the six rooms that make up the Riverwalk, each with its unique charm, walk under the famous bascule bridges, witness the activity of tourist boats, private yachts, and kayaks and pass by breweries, wine bars and cafes that line along its shore.

You will hear about the origins of the city, we visit the center of Chicago’s social life in 1830, where the first taverns were located and you will also know some curious facts such as the inspiration behind the design of each of the river’s rooms, and also that almost 1km of the land towards the lakeshore has been created by man.

The river and its emblematic architecture

During this tour we will take a 1.5 km walk along the riverbank from where it splits, a site of historical importance known as the Confluence, to the shores of Lake Michigan and we will pass by major sites of interest such as Merchandise Mart, Marina City, Trump Tower, Wrigley Building and the Chicago Tribune.

Meet the site of the first hotel in Chicago where magnificent modern skyscrapers that defy gravity stand today. Discover the importance of these waters with its engineering feats and also its greatest tragedies. We tell you about the government’s efforts to bring drinking water to the city and how it was achieved in 1900.

During the walk we will pass through a gradual transition of the beautiful architecture along the river, from the most modern to the most historic reaching the genesis, the birthplace of the city.


Saturday 2PM

Sunday 2PM


Adult and Child: $20

Child (up to 3 years old): Free

Average duration: 2H

Where?: 225 West Wacker Drive

Languages available: Spanish

Although the tour usually includes the sites and stories mentioned and lasts an average of 2 hours, the tour and the order of the stops may vary according to weather conditions, holidays, opening and closing times of each place and / or other unforeseen circumstances or for organizational reasons

The tour of the Riverwalk ends near Burnham Harbor on the Lakeshore

Wear comfortable shoes, the tour covers a distance of about 1.5 km on foot

Please bring a bottle of water on warm days since we will not be stopping along the way except for a bathroom break

Not wheelchair accessible

Not suitable for baby strollers

The tour only runs from May to October


The Tour of the Riverwalk starts at 225 West Wacker Drive


Listen to stories of engineering feats and tragedies that happened on the Chicago river

Stroll along the famous Riverwalk from where the river splits to Lake Michigan

Admire the emblematic architecture along the riverbank

Walk under the movable bridges and across the six river rooms

Enjoy this relaxed walk while watching the boats go by

Visit the site where the city of Chicago was born

Learn how locals have fun at the bars and cafes that lined up the river promenade


Each of our tours will help you delve into the various aspects and specific areas of downtown Chicago at an affordable price.

Tours are rain or shine unless we have to cancel due to extreme weather or unforeseen circumstances, in which case we will notify you of the cancellation by email and / or WhatsApp to the number and email address provided during the reservation. Book online to guarantee your place on our guided tours.

Participation in Nexo Chicago tours is strictly voluntary. Nexo Chicago Tours and the guides that provide the tours will not be responsible for any physical injury, damage or loss of personal items during the tours. Just be careful and follow the instructions of the guides. The guides reserve the right to deny participation to any person, for any reason, in any of the tours.

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Tour of the Riverwalk

Discover the famous Riverwalk and enjoy the best views of the city with this entertaining 2-hour walk along the Chicago River.

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