Tour of the Pedway

Discover the side of Chicago unknown to many locals, the vast pedestrian underground tunnel system, known as the Pedway

Tour of the Pedway

Join us to learn about this unique aspect of Chicago, the underground pedestrian tunnels, on this free 2-hour walking tour. Your guide will take you across the network of pedestrian walkways that run below the city like a maze, and we will also discover the majestic interior of government buildings that connect with the Pedway.

The Pedway tour starts at 200 East Randolph Street, in front of Aon Center, and ends at the Merchandise Mart.

An introduction to the city’s underground life

During this 2-hour tour, your guide will help you learn more about the origins of the Pedway. Starting at the luxurious Aon Center building, originally the headquarters of Standard Oil Company, we tell you the various aspects of the city’s underground life from its streets, shops, loading tunnels and pedestrian walkways. We get into the bowels of the city to discover the most unknown part of Chicago not only by regular tourism but also by many locals. You will find a very different world under our feet! In this underground labyrinth, you will discover hidden gems like stained glass windows from the Victorian era, alternative museums and colorful murals that tell the history of Chicago through art, poetry and entrepreneurship. The guide will take you through the different sections of the Pedway, each uniquely identifiable through its own architecture, materials and design.

Meet the Chicago underground scene, literally

The guide will take you through train stations used in the Batman movie scenes, and also through shopping malls, boutiques, restaurants, bars and cafes. We show you the most popular food stalls of this underground system that tell a story about the customs and tastes of North American people. You will walk underneath Millennium Park, we tell you about the idea behind the birth of this park and its transformation from an industrial wasteland to a world-famous urban park. We walk through the tunnels under Macy’s store, a building declared a historic monument, and pass through some of Tiffany’s and John La Farge’s less recognized artworks. You will learn about the development of the Pedway with its curious ramps and slopes. We take you to the shopping mall named Block 37 located in one of the original blocks that traces its history to the first layout of the city back in 1830, and which houses the oldest part of the pedway.

The wonderful architecture of government buildings

This guided tour is not just about the Pedway, since this very eclectic tour has much more to offer. You will climb to the surface to discover the interior of majestic government buildings that connect to the Pedway, and learn about their history, architecture and anecdotes. We take you to one of the most popular food halls to savor some of the best donuts in the city. We end the tour at the Merchandise Mart, currently the largest design center in the world due to its expansive collection of interior design, furniture and home decor in its multiple permanent exhibition halls.

Why do we offer free tours?

Free tours are a worldwide movement that offers tours for everyone, from backpackers to business people, and they fit each person’s budget. We want everyone, regardless of budget, to know and enjoy the beautiful city of Chicago. Free tours based on tips do not have a fixed price, but it allows you to decide the value of the experience. Each traveler assesses whether the visit has been worthwhile and decides the contribution according to their degree of satisfaction.


Monday, Wednesday, Friday 2PM


Adult: Free Tip-based

Child (up to 13 years old): Free Tip-based

Average duration: 2H

Where?: 200 East Randolph Street, in front of Aon Center

Languages available: Spanish

Although the tour usually includes the sites and stories mentioned and lasts an average of 2 hours, the tour and the order of the stops may vary according to weather conditions, holidays, opening and closing times of each place and / or other unforeseen circumstances or for organizational reasons

The Pedway tour ends in front of the Merchandise Mart

Wear comfortable shoes, the tour covers a distance of about 2 km on foot

Please bring a bottle of water on warm days since we will not be stopping along the way except for a bathroom break

Not wheelchair accessible


The Pedway tour starts at 200 East Randolph Street, in front of the Aon Center building


Learn about the history of Pedway in one of the most luxurious lobbies in Chicago

Let yourself be led by your guide through the maze of tunnels that run underneath the city

Admire the first mural of the Pedway made by students of the prestigious school of the Art Institute of Chicago

Marvel at a museum quality collection of American stained-glass windows from the Victorian era

Visit the curious interior of a greenhouse-like government building whose design the locals compare to a UFO

Savor some of the best donuts in the city in one of Chicago’s most popular food halls


Each of our tours will help you delve into the various aspects and specific areas of downtown Chicago at an affordable price.

Tours are rain or shine unless we have to cancel due to extreme weather or unforeseen circumstances, in which case we will notify you of the cancellation by email and / or WhatsApp to the number and email address provided during the reservation. Book online to guarantee your place on our guided tours.

Participation in Nexo Chicago tours is strictly voluntary. Nexo Chicago Tours and the guides that provide the tours will not be responsible for any physical injury, damage or loss of personal items during the tours. Just be careful and follow the instructions of the guides. The guides reserve the right to deny participation to any person, for any reason, in any of the tours.

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Tour of the Pedway

Discover the side of Chicago unknown to many locals, the vast pedestrian underground tunnel system, known as the Pedway.

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